Signage Boards: How to Choose the Best Type

Signage Boards: How to Choose the Best Type

They are many ways to promote your business, but nothing beats a big attractive sign right outside your shop. People tend to read sign boards, but the boards should be able to attract their attention. There are various types of signage boards to select from.

Using a proper signage board actually is a form of communication between you and your potential and current customers. By using the ideal signage board for your business, you can improve visibility, promote your services and products, built a brand image and get an edge on your competition. So, considering all this is quite important that you pick the right type of signage board.

Since a signage board has control of who visits your stores or not, you need to be aware as to what works and what does not. Below are a few common types of signage board and how to choose the best type for your business.

Glow Signage Boards

These types of boards can be used for both exterior and interior purposes. A glow board has a backlight feature, so they are visible during both day and night. This is very important because it gives an extra flair to your store during the night. 

These types of boards are used for various types of business, mostly in retail and restaurants. You can see glow boards in nightclubs too. Search for bathroom signs Australia online to find a design you like.

Acrylic Signage Boards

These types of boards are quite light so therefore they are quite easy to install. Acrylic boards have a glossy surface and are quite reflective. You can use them to showcase your product or service or even print your company logo.

Digital Signage Boards

LED boards are quite common nowadays are most probably the most used signage board around the world. They are quite cost-effective in terms of power required to operate the lights and the actual cost of the sign. LED signage boards are quite attractive and therefore are used in shopping malls in retail stores to draw passer-by.

Neon Signage Boards

Neon sign boards are probably the boldest way to attract customers to your stores. If your business is in a dull area, pop up a neon sign and just notice the number of people walking into your store. If you’ve seen pictures of Time Square you would have noticed the neon sign boards popping out among the many LED boards.

A-Frame Sign

These types of sign boards are perfect for cafes but not as a standalone. They should always be paired with the main sign board. You can use these to jot down your daily menu. They are also very cost effective.

When picking the ideal signage board for your business be creative- don’t only ting about the exterior but also think about the interior of your store, café or restaurant. The ideal signage board will be cost effective and help you increase customers walking into your store.

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