Easy DIY Christmas Gift Ideas for The Season

Easy DIY Christmas Gift Ideas for The Season

Nearing Christmas, the December shopping rush has or will be starting any time soon. Although the coronavirus is still very much present, this year is looking slightly different. With social gathering restrictions overcrowded shopping malls and large Christmas parties have been severely advised against.

So, if you are unable to go nuts with your Christmas shopping like usual… don’t stress! Here are some DIY gift ideas that are easy, creative and will ensure to make quite the impression. Also, they are way cheaper than store bought gifts, so who is the real winner here?

Fabric covered tree ornaments

Decorating a tree is possibly the most looked forward to event of Christmas. There is a certain magic that comes from hanging decorations on a tree and is something enjoyed by all ages. These easy decorations are cheap and can be made from material lying around your house.

All you need are pieces of wood or a hard material cut into different shapes. Cut the shape out of festive looking material and stick it on with some fabric glue. Cute, creative and foolproof decorations ready in minutes.

Gift boxes and bags

Instead of purchasing ready-made hampers for your loved ones, make it yourself. Whether it is a box of sweets, bubble bath products or even socks. Package it using homemade hamper boxes or cheap Christmas gift bags. Not only do these look festive but add a personal touch. These can be made from recycled paper and materials that are sustainable and eco-friendly.

DIY ornaments

Christmas decorations can be made from material as simple as cardboard and tissue paper. Paper Christmas trees, angles made from recycled plastic bottles or even salt dough baked ornaments are some creative re-cycled Christmas items. Salt dough ornaments can be shaped to all sizes and colours and work as great household gifts.

Home made

Nothing like some straight out of the oven baked goodies while decorating your tree. If cutting and pasting isn’t your thing maybe baking is. Homemade gingerbread cookies, chocolate fudge, rum balls or trifles no one says no to food.

Send over a packed box of cookies or arrive with a fruit trifle in your hands, this is the perfect gift and can be enjoyed by everyone. There are plenty of easy recipes available online so all you need is the ingredients.

Just for you

If you are looking for a gift for specific someone it is thoughtful to give him or her something that they are interested in. If the person is arty and loves pictures a handmade photo album or frame is perfect for them. For a person who loves cosy living spaces homemade scented candles are an ideal gift.

Christmas is about sharing love and happiness; it is about making someone feel special and making the season as joyful as possible. Handmade and homemade gifts are cheaper and the effort shows. Therefore, don’t stress about your gifts this year, remember it’s always the thought that counts.

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