When to Buy or Lease Solar Panels

When to Buy or Lease Solar Panels

Since a lot of home owners have been making the smart decision to switch to solar energy to make use of the sun’s energy, solar panels are now everywhere and you could not help but wonder if you should also make the same decision.

Powering our daily lives with the sun’s power is actually a smart move and although it could be really pricey, the costs for panels and installation have been consistently going down. This is due to suppliers meeting the demands and for government advocating solar energy by offering financial help to those who have decided to opt for this energy source.

But not all could afford going “green”. Fortunately, there is now an option to rent out solar panels although this set-up still works best on certain situations. So, it is still better to know all the facts before you decide on whether you should buy or lease solar panels.

Purchasing solar panels

Purchasing solar panels is best for you if of course, you have the financial resources for it since in the long run, you would be able to benefit from shelling out money in the equipment and installation. Think about all the money you would save on your electricity and water bill. Not only that, you would also be doing your part in saving the environment.

When you purchase solar panels, you would also be eligible for federal and state tax refunds and credits. And even if you don’t have the funds to buy the panels and pay for the installation, you could apply for loans specific to this purpose since there are government and municipalities that support their citizens opting to switch to renewable energy.

If you are also planning on selling your home in the future, installing solar panels would definitely increase your home’s market value since future buyers would prefer homes with an already existing solar energy system.

Renting solar panels

Renting solar panels is recommended for those who are renting their homes since they are not allowed to have a solar energy system installed on a property that they do not own. Besides, who would want to spend money on a solar energy system that they could not bring with them if in case they need to move out? Rentable solar power from Aggreko is also ideal for those homeowners who could not afford to buy the system as of now but still want to benefit from the advantages of solar power.

It is also recommended for those who are still sceptical if they really could save money if they opted for solar energy. At least, they would not commit to it if in case they thought they are not really reaping the rewards and they could just stop with the monthly subscription of renting the solar panels.

Renting the panels out is also for those homeowners who do not want the added responsibility of maintaining the panels or worrying for the repair costs when they become damaged or suddenly stopped working.

There are various situations and reasons why it is more beneficial to rent or to purchase solar panels. Know which option is best suited for your situation.

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