Creative and fresh ideas for dad-child dates

Creative and fresh ideas for dad-child dates

Fathers are so important in the lives of a child, many a times we speak of the importance of mothers, but we fail to give the equal importance to fathers. Fathers too spend their lives taking care of children and giving them the best life he could afford to give them. So as a father if you are looking to connect with your kid better it is important that you have those dad-child dates at least once a month. Those dates should be planned with enthusiasm and greatly looked forward to by both parties. Here are some fresh ideas for such dates.

Horse-back riding is one of the greatest things you can think of to do with your kid. This is ideal if you have an older kid who can manage to ride a horse on his/her own. This will give the chance for you and the kid to bond well as you both take riding lessons at the nearest stables or farm. Make sure you and the kid both have a comfortable ride. So make sure that you find the right saddle pads for horses that will make the rides smoother for you and the kid as well as comfortable for the horse.

Another great way to spend the day together is to go to a movie with your kid. Though this may be like a 2 hour activity, you can plan the day by picking the movie, planning the snacks you are going to have and booking the right tickets so that you both have a good view. These kind of planning and anticipation makes the day even better and more interesting. The movie-date idea is perfect for dads who are struggling with time, and actually don’t have a whole day to spend on such an activity.

If you have a kid who is a sports enthusiast you can make a date out of going for a game. This is ideal if you and your child both have the same sporting interest that you share. You can pick a date where your favourite team is playing and go for that sporting event and make a day of it. You both will have tons of fun as sporting events are exciting and fun filled places where so many fans are packed with enthusiasm. You can also save tickets or any other sports merchandise as a souvenir of the day.

If you want to spend some time in the park and be around nature, you can both take your bikes to the park and cycle. You can get plenty of exercise and at the same time have a lot of fun. You can also stick to the most traditional dad-child date of all times, which is camping in the woods. This can be really fun if you plan it well with your kid. You can have a memorable time, doing so much fun things like, fishing, exploring, hiking and many other activities that will make the camping trip so memorable in the minds of your kids. No matter what activity you pick, you will get to spend time with your child which is priceless.

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