How to Prepare for Your First Day at Preschool

How to Prepare for Your First Day at Preschool

Your little one is no longer little anymore! Your toddler is now turning three years old, and ready to go to school.It is a daunting task to begin to imagine how kids will survive without their mommies for so many hours; or how they will behave in the absence of their parents.Though, there is a first time for everything. The kids may also cry for a day or a week, but, eventually, they will also adapt to the change. 

If your child is being enrolled for the first time, there are certain supplies you need to provide for their academic year. It is usually asked at the starting of the term.

Hence, the schools send a notice with the required items. Here is a list of supplies that are mandatory for your child’s first day at the preschool.

What Are the Items Required for The First Day of Preschool?


There is no going to school without a school bag. Even though your little one is not carrying a timetable, a backpack is a must. It is useful for you to send a daily snack, and even the teacher can send back school notices.


Your kid needs to have food for their interval. In some preschools, the school provides food. Therefore, you just have to send the water bottle. The water bottle should be easy to open and not bulky. It should also be easy to open and spill-proof.

Extra pair of clothes 

You can never trust infants with tidiness and keeping the clothes clean; therefore, always keep an extra pair of clothes and socks at the school. Moreover, pack an extra undergarment as well. Even if your kid is trained, incidents can happen.

For instance, some children are shy to interrupt the class and take permission to use the washroom. Thus, resulting in them spoiling their clothes.

Seasonal wear

If you reside in a country with seasons; you should send the appropriate items of clothing.

Art supplies

You will have to send art supplies and handcraft supplies, such as an art book, a box of crayons, a paint box and paintbrushes, kids aprons, glue, canvases and more.


If your child is on any medication, inform the teachers and advise them on the medication schedule.

These are the essentials you will have to send, in addition to anything else the school requires.Schooling is important in every child’s life, and pre-schooling is equally important- unless you want to home school them in their early stages.

Here are a few reasons why you should send your little one to preschool.

Why is preschool important for children?

  • Both academically and socially, it builds the foundation for learning.
  • From naughty behaviour to a structural setting, preschool makes it easier for kids to adopt this change.
  • The preschool prepares students for elementary academics.
  • A preschool helps to develop the child emotionally.
  • Whether your child has a numeric question or a word problem- they start finding the answers on their own in preschool.

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