How to Start A Jewellery Business?

How to Start A Jewellery Business?

Start-ups of all types are becoming extremely common, gone are the days of only depending on your 9-5 as a source of income. The trends and lifestyles have changed from working for someone to owning something of your own. Entrepreneurs have converted their passions and hobbies into money-making businesses and while some take longer than others, there are quite a few who have pierced straight into their markets.

The question of what do I start and how do I improve my skill set is what has got people still in the deciding stage of their business idea. The business of jewellery designing wasn’t available until recently and has now become very popular around the world. If jewellery, style and a creative eye are your strong suits, this business might be ideal for you. Here are a few tips to help you get started.

Choose your go to style

Jewellery has many branches and variations for creation. The traditional pieces, fashion, beaded and copper are some of the known types available. Although the market is highly saturated all you need to figure out is what your niche can be. The best way to decide this is to look at your own style. This way you can be inspired to create pieces of jewellery that resonate with you.

Designing the pieces

Just like for any designer you will need to be able to draw out what you envision. Whether it’s on paper or digitally find a way to bring out your creation. If drawing is not your skill find someone to help you out, although your best inspiration can come from yourself. Check out other designers’ work such as Susan Shaw in Texas who designs handmade jewellery. This way you are able to get an idea about your competition, what your potential clients desire and what marketing strategy you need to implement.

Getting materials and a supplier

You might be the one designing the jewellery but you will need someone to create it. Depending on your chosen style you will need to find raw materials. Whether it requires precious stones, beads, sliver and other metals find suppliers who will be able to continually provide the materials you need. Then you will need to find someone you can employ to bring it together. If it is an easier style such as string and beads you can do it yourself but other types will require skilled craftsmanship.

Market your aesthetic

Regardless of what you are creating, it heavily depends on well your marketing strategy is. Choose a strategy that best brings out your creation. If its minimalistic and elegant choose advertising and pictures that portray your piece. Fun fashion jewellery can be advertised through using lively photography and colour.

Since jewellery is such as personalized accessory it can be designed and marketed through many different ways. The best is to go with what inspires you, your individuality can be transformed into a piece of jewellery for people with similar taste to yours to enjoy.

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