Indian Jewellery Trends 2021

Indian Jewellery Trends 2021

With changes in the fashion industry being introduced each passing day, similarly the trends of Indian jewellery are also evolving. Indian traditions, culture and festivities are incomplete without intricate jewellery pieces. It is a part of what they actually represent hence the designers are always looking for new innovations that can be incorporated into the world of jewellery designing.

There are many trends that have emerged in the year 2021. They are designed specifically to suit the needs of the brides as well as other clients in order to achieve the levels of customer satisfaction. Some of the famous Indian jewellery trends of 2021 are listed below:

  1. Big Gold Earrings

A lot of brides including celebrities were seen wearing gold earrings without the use of any diamonds or gemstones in between. It gives off a very royal look altogether. It can blend in perfectly with any Indian attire and with such big all gold earrings one does not need any other piece of jewellery. Earrings with saree or a lehenga are good to go.

  • Colorful Jewels

Another trend that is becoming famous is the use of colorful jewels. Heavy Indian jewellery embedded with colorful jewels is going to be trendsetter for many brides. They are ideal for any type of festive occasion or if the bride wishes to wear it on her big day. A plain outfit with colorful jewels is definitely going to be a head turning statement this season.

  • Giant Chunky Necklace

A bun paired up with a giant chunky necklace stands out in the crowd no matter what. This look is perfect for small or grand festivities. It can be either worn by the bride herself or her bridesmaid who are willing to look simple and classy at the same time. One should avoid wearing big Indian earrings if they are planning to go for chunky necklace as it is always better to keep things minimal rather than overdoing them.

  • Pearls

The trend of wearing pearls can never go out of season, mainly because they are considered to be timeless. They are available in numerous stylish and different designs. Pearls can be paired up with any outfit no matter what the occasion is as they have a very distinct aura and charm attached to them in general. A pearl necklace is incomplete without a set of pearl earrings or vice versa.

  • Choker

Wearing a Indian choker necklace is another trend that is quite common these days. It looks classy with a deep neckline as it takes your overall look to a whole new level altogether. It is suitable for both formal and casual occasions but it also depends on its design. However, many celebrities have been seen wearing heavy choker with a simple t-shirt and straight pants. It looks extremely trendy and stylish.  There is a huge range of chokers that is being offered by different designers. They can be paired up with causal everyday attires in order to achieve a new look every day.

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