6 Ultimate Tips When Working from Home

6 Ultimate Tips When Working from Home

Remote-working is becoming more and more popular. All the points discussed would help you nail working from home.


All you need to work remotely is a good internet connection and computer. The connection you have may constantly be cutting you off. Moreover, the speeds you’re getting may not be that great – how will you attend Zoom meetings when your video keeps buffering?

You might need to invest in a new computer as well. The one you have may not have enough RAM to run the applications you need. If you’d think this would be too expensive, you can think of the purchase as an investment. And you could purchase the laptop on a more affordable instalment basis.


You’ll be dealing with a lot of distractions. To be as focused as possible, create an office. Decorate it in a way that would inspire you to be productive. Research has shown that blue is a power colour; it makes you feel motivated.

If you want to work from home, probably the most important furniture for your office would be the desk and chair. The desk needs to be large enough to handle all of your tech. And it should have excellent storage as well. Make sure that the chair is comfortable too – sitting behind your computer for hours on end would leave you sore.


A dedicated work-area would make you more productive. But what would always keep you on top of things would be a schedule. It’s common for people to make time-tables and never stick to them. You need to be strict. By adhering to the schedule every day, following it would become a routine.

Just don’t make the schedule too crazy. Trying to follow it would stress you out.


Make things easier for yourself by getting rid of the distractions in the home. If you can’t get rid of them, at least try and work around them. You may have kids in the house. We all know how noisy they can be. Why not get your work done when they’re at school?


As you’re not at the office, you won’t be able to communicate with your co-workers as well. Be mindful about maintaining an ample level of communication so that you never fall behind tasks.


Since you can take breaks whenever you want, decide how you’ll be spacing them out. It’s generally a good idea to take 5-minute breaks every hour or so. Be strict with them, though. Don’t make the 5-minute time-outs become 15-minute ones– all of your work would be set back.

Final Thoughts

To summarize, there is a lot you can do to help yourself work from home. From everything listed, something that would help the most would be having a dedicated work area. It would keep you productive and limit distractions by a bit. Speaking of distractions, try your best to work around them. If you’re guilty of always reaching for your phone, keep it away. And if there are kids in the house, you can work when they’re at school.

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