Building a Basement? Read this!

Building a Basement? Read this!

The possibilities are seemingly endless when considering building a basement. You can certainly add value to your house by the addition of an extra bedroom, storage area or even a movie room. Yet it might quickly daunt upon you the sheer size of the project and the various aspects which need to be thought of.Whichever you decide to build there are a few things to consider prior to beginning construction. Following are a few of the key points to pay special attention to:


In order to ensure that sounds do not leak from either the upstairs to the basement or vice versa it is important to ensure that the basement is fitted with acoustic panels and properly sealed. This will be of particular importance when considering building a movie room.

Waste disposal

No matter what you design your basement to be it will certainly need to be fitted with a bathroom for convenience. And as the bathroom will be situated below the waste lines, you will need to incorporate grinder pumps for sewage disposal. This will ensure that no clogs or waste are backing up.

Safety Regulations

Refer to your local council guidelines when designing the layout to comply with the various safety regulations. You will have to include mandatory exit routes in case of emergency, usually done by the addition of a sufficiently large window.  Also planthe placement of power outlets and gas lines, leaving sufficient room for any repair works.


It is important that you consider and pay special importance to ensure that the basement is properly sealed to prevent any water leaks. A water leak could threaten the integrity of the entire structure and cause mould growth on walls leading to unusable conditions within the area.


Proper insulation is required especially in areas with colder climates. As below ground temperatures will be much lower and to create comfortable living conditions you will need to seal the walls with foam boards and spray foam. There are a variety of other options you can opt for, research and decide on a solution best suited for your needs.

Assess ground conditions

Firstly, you will need to hire a professional to inspect the ground conditions on your property to ensure that it is suitable and safe to construct a basement. Some land will have softer soil which will not be able to withstand and support the load and ultimately may even lead to the instability of the structure of the house.

Construction system

There are multiple ways to construct a basement currently. Over the years, it has evolved from timber frames to prefabricated systems which only require to be set in place. Depending on the sort of room you are planning to build and your budget you can discuss with your builder which options are best suited.

By referring to the above points, researching different technologies available and preparing a proper plan by having continuous discussions with your builder will enable you to construct your basement with ease.

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