Getting Your House Ready for The Spring

Getting Your House Ready for The Spring

Spring is a beautiful season and the best time to give your home a makeover to get it ready for spring.

Let in fresh air

During winter you would have kept your windows closed and drawn the curtains over it and spent time by the fireplace or cuddled in your blanket. Spring is the time to let all the light and air in. Open the windows and let the light in and let the air circulate.

In this time having a cleaned window would be perfect. You can start cleaning the windows to get ready for the spring. If it’s too much to clean on your own you can get some cleaning services to do the cleaning for you.

Since you would have drawn the curtain over your window during the winter you can use some pull backs to keep it towards the side, you can also replace your curtains with something light and that goes with spring.

Do a house cleaning

Having a clean house is very important and it is one of the best ways to get ready for the season. If it is too much to do the cleaning on your own, you can hire expert cleaning services in Melbourne.

Change your décor

Now that your house is clean you can bring in new décor as a preparation for spring. Go with light coloured theme as this represents spring the best. Swap your curtains to something light in colour, if you have the means, you can change your cushion covers to something that is lighter in colour and that suits spring and throw in cushion pillows that complement them. You can get table runners for your dining table, change your vase, add a new rug or carpet, add new lightings all around your house.

Plant something

Spring season denotes growth and it’s the best time to plant and grow new things, this may be a flower plant or some herbs. If the weather is too cold outside you can keep them on a window sill and tend to them from inside.

Make the house smell good

Fill your house with the beautiful spring fragrances. A good smelling house is known to lift one’s mood. You can do this by bringing in fragrant flowers or you can get an scented diffuser and fill it with some essential oil or get a fragrant candle and light them around your house or you can use wax melts or room sprays.

Having the same fragrant may get boring therefore try to replace your old scents with new ones. Some spring fragrances to name are lavender, lime, honeysuckle, vanilla, lilac and etc.

Add floral elements

Flowers are something that signifies spring very well. Therefore, try to add floral elements throughout the house for example you can add a floral-patterned table cloth or bedsheet and keep vases filled with flowers on the table. If you are someone who is allergic to fresh flowers you can get faux to bring the same feeling.

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