How to Choose Safe Toys for Kids

How to Choose Safe Toys for Kids

Kids do need toys to play and also to learn. It is an important part of a child’s development. However, kids suffer injuries because of toys and are taken to hospital emergency departments every year. Each age has specific toys now. The age limit is usually mentioned in the toy packaging. So, it is important to read the guidelines before buying toys for the kids. Most importantly it is the best to always watch and supervise when kids play.


Here are some common guidelines for toys. Stuffed toys must be washable, toys made of fabric have to be labelled as flame resistant or flame retardant, lead-free paint should be used for painted toys and art materials must mention that they are nontoxic.

It is better to not let your kid play with hand-me-down toys because most of such toys might not meet the current safety standards. Avoid toys that creates louder noises such as rattles, squeak toys, electronic or musical toys that are too loud for the kid when held directly to the ear to prevent hearing damage.

Right Toys for The Right Ages

Make sure you always read the label to find the right age group of a toy. Apart from that do consider about things like a child’s temperament, behaviour and habits every time you buy a toy because each kid is different. However, a child is matured than the other kids of his age doesn’t mean that you can give him toys labelled for older kids.

Age groups for toys are mainly determined based on the safety factors and not by maturity or intelligence of a kid. For example, do not buy toys with smaller parts for kids under the age of three since they have a habit of put everything they come across into their mouths. Also buy toys without sharp edges or pointers for kids between age three and five.

Safety at Home

Even after you buy a toy which matches your kid’s age, do not just let your kid play alone. It still can be risky for a kid who doesn’t know how the toy works. Even when your kid plays inside the home toys still can cause injuries. So, it I important to tech your kid how to play safely with the toy. You can supervise as the kid plays. Check the toys regularly to make sure that they have not broken and suitable for use.

Throw away or repair broken toys as soon as possible. Teach kids how to correctly put the toys away after playing. Keep away wooden toys if they have splinters and rusted outdoor toys. Check if the stuffed toys have cracked seams or exposed detachable parts. Always keep the toys clean by using a mild dishwashing detergent with an antibacterial soap. But make sure to read the manufacturer’s instructions first.

So, keep these tips in mind and make sure that you be extremely careful when choosing toys for your kids so that they can happily play with the toys without having to encounter any injury.

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