Install Your TV the Right Way

Install Your TV the Right Way

When using your household appliances, just bringing them home and using them wherever you like is not enough. Part of good management of home equipment is installing or placing them in the right place. This means you have to look into aspects such as practicality, interior spaces as well as the aesthetic aspect of it matter. So, when it comes to installing your TV these factors remain the same. Check below to see some tips n installing your TV without messing up your interior décor.

Find the Right Place

Whether you are using a stand or wall mounting your TV, it is necessary to find the right spot to locate it. Of course, most of us know that when it comes to locating appliances or even placing furniture, avoiding windows and doorways is important.

But have you thought about the power sources? Locating your TV near a power source will make sure that there is enough power supply nearby to handle any other device that needs to be placed with the television – such as a sound system this will also save you from making a mess of wires around the room to reach the TV.

Right Space

It is necessary to maintain a healthy distance from your TV to where you are sitting in order to avoid too much strain on your eyes. Never place the TV too close the to the sitting area. It is also better to place it on the eye level so you don’t have to strain your neck by either looking up or looking down every time you switch it on. Most experts recommend 4 feet off the ground. Make sure you do not place it too high or too low.

Choose Your Mounting Method

Are you a fan of shelves, stands or simply a wall mounted TV? This is something you need to figure out once you have decided where to place your TV. Stands is the traditional way of doing it, with a few extra storage spaces that allows you to hold other devices like a blue ray player.

Shelves are similar to stands, but will give you more space to experiment a little with your decoration. You can use other items to fill in the shelves and give it a cosy look. You can try out the latest trend of TV wall mounting as well. But when it comes to wall mounting, ty to get expert help if you are not versed in the task.

Mix Media

If you are using shelves to hold your devices, you can use many varieties of media to decorate your shelves. Especially, if your shelves are looking a little empty with just the TV and a few spaces, why not add some books, magazine and DVDS to the shelves. But beyond this, you can use small decorative items such as glass wear or ornaments, to make your space look more personalised and homely and less empty.

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