Solar Panels 101: How Do They Work?

Solar Panels 101: How Do They Work?

Solar energy is gaining traction quite fast due to improvements in technology and plummeting cost of solar energy. Most homeowners are moving towards renewable energy to remove a significant portion of their utility bills.

So, with solar energy coming into conventional energy markets most people are starting to wonder how exactly this source of renewable energy works.

Below is quick guide on how Solar panels works.

Step by Step Overview on How Solar Panels Work

A basic explanation of solar panels work is by converting sunlight using cells that generate direct current which is then converted to alternating current using an inverter so that it can be used in homes.

Step 1: Cells known as Photovoltaic cells covert absorbed sunlight into direct current

Step 2: The DC energy is then converted into AC energy using an inverter. This step is necessary because most home appliances use alternating current.

Step 3: The electricity is then distributed throughout the main panel throughout the home.

Step 4: If there is any leftover electricity it is transferred to the main power grid.

This is just a quick overview, let’s get into some more details.

How Exactly Does This Electricity Generation Take Place?

A solar module or commonly known as a solar panel consists of silicon cells that are layered on a metal frame with a glass casing.

Silicon is basically a non-metal but can conduct electricity and has the ability to absorb sunlight. When sunlight interacts with a silicon layer it kicks starts the photovoltaic effect.

What is the Photovoltaic Effect?

Even though solar panels are just gaining traction, the theory behind this was first discovered in 1839. The effect is mainly pre-set in semiconductors. Below is a brief explanation of the above-mentioned theory

Firstly, the silicon layered solar cell absorbs sunlight. When sunlight come in to contact with silicon cells, electrons are set in motion and this creates a flow of current because current is basically a flow of charged electrons.

Wires are used to capture these moving electrons (direct current) and it is fed into a solar inverter which then converts this into alternating current.

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How are the solar panels connected to the grid?

The solar process is honestly quite simple, and this is easily understood by most people. What most homeowners are confused with is the fact that excess electricity is transferred to the grid.

This is where the utility meter comes into play. Solar panels on your property are connected to the utility meter. The amount of electricity produced and measured can be accessed using this meter.

Using this meter, a net rate can be calculated, and the bill is adjusted accordingly.

This is probably the simplest explanation of how a solar panel works. There is more to the types of solar panels and science behind it. Always consult a professional before making a decision.

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