Sports Betting: A Quick Guide

Sports Betting: A Quick Guide

This form of gambling is probably the oldest form of gambling out there. From Romans betting on gladiator fights and horse races to modern stadiums packed with professional athletes, sports betting has evolved into a massive global pastime.

Nowadays with online betting sites it possible to bet almost any type of sport. However, the most popular sport for betting is horse racing followed by soccer, basketball, American football, combat sports, cricket and baseball.

In this age of the internet and mobile devices, sports betting has taken on a new form. Through “in-play” betting you can bet through all sorts of propositions. What this means is that before you can either bet that a soccer team win will or lose but nowadays you can even bet the outcome of a penalty kick as it happens.

In Australia online sports betting is controlled by the online gaming act. Harness racing is one of the most strictly controlled sports; you can learn more here.

Types of Wagers

There are different types of bets involved when it comes to sports betting and it doesn’t involve simply throwing down money and predicting whether a team will win or lose. Let’s take a look at some of those types,


This type of wager is the most common type and is also the simplest bet. All you need to do is pick a team or athlete you want to win. If they do you then win the moneyline. For instance, if you bet that Manchester city will against and Liverpool and the do win then you win the moneyline.

When placing a bet pay attention to the odd. If you bet on the underdog, chances are you can win more money than just betting on the favourite.


This type of bet is sometimes called over/under bets and this is basically a moneyline but with the scores involved. You need to bet the winning score.

You can either bet over or under a certain number, in case the score equals the number then you get a push which basically means that your money is refunded. An example of totals is, you need to bet whether Manchester city will score more than or less than three goals. Picking over or under will pay accordingly.

This type of bet is very hard to predict but if you love stats you can go over past data and try to predict the scores.

Point Spread

If you’ve never done point spread betting, then at first it will be very confusing. However, once you get the gist of it, the form of bet is very addictive because it is lucrative.

This is similar to totals, but you have to basically bet the margin the winning team is going to win by or the losing team is going to lose by

Prop bets and Specials

Live betting has changed the sports betting game forever. You can bet on endless propositions while the match in underway.

These are 4 main types of wagers when it comes to sport betting. Sports betting is more fun and more lucrative than any other type of gambling. While most think that its only a game of luck, it actually involves both skill and luck. You should be able to read past data and predict future outcomes.

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