Steps You Can Follow to Get Out of An Unhappy Marriage

Steps You Can Follow to Get Out of An Unhappy Marriage

No one ever gets married knowing that it will hit a reef along the way. In fact, we all spend a lot of time to get to know our future spouses to understand what kind of people they really are so that there will be no surprises later on.

However, even in Australia, divorce rates are quite high, proving that no matter how much we try, things can go wrong without any warnings. If you are simply unhappy in your marriage and tried your best to make things work, then maybe it’s time to call it quits and start a new chapter in your life.

Most people, no matter how sad they are, tend to stay with their partners because they are either too afraid to do anything about it or don’t know how. We have listed down a few steps you can follow to successful detach yourself from a toxic relationship.

Keep records and create a timeline

Once it gets to the point where you just know a divorce is inevitable, start recording everything that happens between the two of you. If there any verbal, physical or psychological abuse involved, make sure the nature of these are documented and if any witnesses were there, mentions them by name as well.

Creating a timeline of the abusive events is important for legal purposes and it will be almost impossible to recall the exact dates times at the hearing, when the emotions are running high. Therefore, get yourself prepared and organized.

Save up

Getting financially independent is one of the most important steps to be followed when walking out of a marriage, especially if you’ve been depending on your spouse over the years. You must regain confidence in yourself and be able to manage on your own. Keeping a little something aside every day or week over a span of a couple of years will help you collect a substantial amount.

Seek help

This entire experience can be extremely hard on a person and one must get all the help they can find to get through it. Your family and friends are people you can share your feelings with and talk candidly about the most challenging of problems, and opening up in such a way will certainly ease the pain.

In addition to such emotional support, you must find a proficient lawyer who is well suited to your specific requirement and has plenty of experience in handling and winning divorce cases. Find information from Melbourne divorce lawyers and determine which professional can help you get the best out of this cathartic experience.

Cut all communication with your soon to be ex

You are not obliged to communicate with your partner any longer and be exposed to hurtful words or abuse, unless you have some important divorce related matters to discuss about. In fact, communicating further might make you say or do something that could be used against you at the hearing. Therefore, do not risk it, and cut all communications with your partner once you’ve made the decision to split up.

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