Things to Do After Buying New Car

Things to Do After Buying New Car

Buying a new car can be a very exciting moment, after months and of selecting and waiting you are able to finally receive your vehicle. This can be a rather exciting yet daunting task for a first-timebuyer, with most unaware of the next step. So, given below is a list of things which need to be done following the purchase of your new vehicle:

1.     Insure the vehicle

Before you are legally allowed to drive the vehicle on the road you are required to attain some sort of insurance. Be sure to sit down with an official and discuss which insurance plan best suits your needs.

2.     Register the vehicle

The next step would be to register your car at the local motor vehicle authority. You will be required to produce the insurance documentation and the title for the vehicle. You will then be able to collect the car number plates.

3.     Take it to an auto repair shop

Upon being able to legally drive your vehicle, you should take it for a full check-up and servicing. Get a mechanic to inspect the vehicle and do any necessary repairs if needed. After cleaning and washing the car you should apply car paint protection film to safeguard the exterior.

4.     Familiarize yourself with the vehicle

Read the owner’s manual and learn the features included in the vehicle. You should understand how to operate the features before taking to the road as it could be hazardous to learn to operate while driving.

5.     Get breakdown coverage

Obtaining a breakdown coverage will be a worthy expense as it provides enables you to travel worry free. Although the vehicle is new you can never be sure when you might find yourself needing some emergency assistance.

6.     Buy accessories

Purchase necessary accessories for your use including phone holder and charger, air freshener and a small garbage bin. Try to make the car feel comfortable, with all necessary items placed within close proximity to the steering wheel to ensure a safe and comfortable journey.

7.     Drive slowly

In case you have purchased a brand-new vehicle, drive below 80Km/h. Do so till you have driven at least the first 1000Km. Allow the engine to slowly warm up and go through its paces and avoid flooring the accelerator.

8.     Safely store documents

Make sure to safely store away any documents regards to the vehicle including service records and purchase deeds. These will be necessary in case of claiming a warranty or in the instance you are looking to sell the vehicle.

9.     Get pollution certification

Upon purchase of a brand-new car, the dealership will provide you with the certification. Afterwards, every 6 months you will be required to take your vehicle to the relevant testing centres to renew the certification.

In addition to the points noted above, remember to drive safely and follow road rules at all times. And use the vehicle with care, to ensure that your car does not lose value drastically.

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