Tools That Make Baking Much Easier

Tools That Make Baking Much Easier

If you are someone who is constantly in the kitchen and is running around taking one batch of cookies out of the oven to put your cake in next, you would have wished for tools and equipment that would make your life so much easier. With time, many bakers themselves have introduced various types of equipment that supports all bakers both amateur and experienced to take baking to the next level. If you are a busy baker or simply a home baker that is looking for some tools to make your life easier, the below options will help you immensely.

Non-stick mats

If you browse through websites such as, you will be amazed by the number of bakeware that you can find. Out of the many options that are available, in terms of new tools that will make your life so much easier, non-stick baking mats will definitely be a winner. Not only does this make your life easy, non-stick mats could save money as they are reusable and in turn helps the environment by reducing waste.

Pie Weights

There are certain things that we use in the kitchen simply because a better way of doing it has not been invested yet. Every baker’s go-to method for pie weight is to use dried beans. This is a tried and tested method that works but pie weights, manufactured for the sole purpose of holding your pie crust in place and preventing bubbles is definitely worth your money. These pie weights are usually made out of ceramic and comes in a box that you can neatly store after using. This will make sure that your pie crust is perfect as you expect it to be.

Dough Scrapers

This is also known as bowl scraper and helps you scrape all the batter out and saves you from getting stressed about the last bit of batter that you struggle to scoop off. Dough scrapers could be both plastic and aluminium whereas the plastic items could be more versatile while the aluminium ones would be hardy. Dough scrapers also helps you to cut off the edges of dough and pastry sheets with ease and can even help in smoothing buttercream when necessary.

Egg White Separators

If you are one of those bakers who can never bake pavlova or meringue because you cannot separate the egg yolk from the white, this will be your saving grace. This tool will help you separate the two without any shells or mixing and you will finally be able to bake your favourite meringue or fluffy cake with ease.

These separators come in different forms and the clip-on ones works the best as it allows the baker to crack the egg open to the separator itself using both hands. However, even the separator that looks like a spoon works extremely well if you have an extra pair of hands or if you are a pro in cracking eggs using one hand.

Therefore, there are plenty of things you can buy to make your baking a bit more fun and a bit less stressful. The above are such tools you can purchase.

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