What to Consider When Selecting Sunglasses

What to Consider When Selecting Sunglasses

Sunglasses help protect our eyes from harmful UV radiation whenever we go outside. Especially in regions closer to the equator or areas located at high elevations, wearing sunglasses is highly recommended. There is a wide variety of sunglasses that are available in the market so it can be a bit confusing when you go to select a pair. You may have seen sunglasses with different tints and different finishes such as mirrored finishes. There are certain factors to look out for when you are choosing the right sunglass for your use.

Protection from UV light

There are so many colours, shapes and materials to choose from. But one of the key things to look for is whether the glasses block 100 percent of UV light. This doesn’t depend on the colour of the lens or the price point. Lens colour doesn’t necessarily have an effect on how much sunlight gets blocked by the glasses; it affects visual contrast. Also when it comes to polarized glasses, they help to cut the glare but have no effect on UV light coming through. Polarized glasses can be quite helpful when it comes to driving.

There is a misconception that darker lenses block more UV light. However, the darkness of the lens has no bearing on this factor. There will be a tag on the sunglasses that will inform the percentage of UV light it is blocking. Very few people tend to check whether their glasses block UV light or not which can be a large oversight.

Consider the Size of the Sunglasses

The damage you get from the sun can be avoided with a sunglass that has more coverage. There are wraparound glasses that give quite good protection. This is because they are able to block the light coming from the sides as well. Also, you can pick glasses with larger lenses. You can speak to a professional at sunglasses Carina and get help on choosing something that fits you comfortably. A good fit for a sunglass is a must as you will be wearing this for a considerable duration.

Amount of Light Blocked by the Glasses

You need to make sure that there is a sufficient amount of light that gets blocked out by the glasses. Generally, a sunglass should block about 75% to 90% of visible light giving your eyes relief from the harsh rays of the sun. There are also people who tend to have migraines with increased exposure to the hot sun. For them, sunglasses are a necessity. Look at yourself wearing the sunglasses in the mirror and check whether the darkness of the lenses is enough for your purposes. It should be functional as well as a fashion statement.

Cost should not be a Deciding Factory

Sunglasses have a large role to play in protecting your eyes from sun damage. It is not always the case that a more expensive sunglass is better than something that is more cost-effective. The main thing you need to consider is whether the glasses block all or almost all of the UV radiation.

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